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For many, poker is a pastime, and that’s perfectly fine, but there are people who take this game very seriously, like a real job.
And you don’t have to go that high to find any: the beauty of poker is that with the right time and commitment you can climb the pyramid starting from the bottom, grow bankroll and skill and become a professional player.
If you are reading this article, this is definitely the case for you. Or you want it to be. In any case, there are a couple of alarm bells that can tell you whether you are on the right track or still need to work on a few things before you aspire to the stars.
Here are our top 5:

1) Devote time and discipline to study.

Many feel somehow different from the crowd, thinking they can make their way through the poker jungle without studying.
But just as the most classic of “smart people who don’t apply themselves” will never graduate, so no self-respecting poker player can expect to make it to the pinnacle without banging his or her head in books.
Yes, the life of a poker player is fascinating in many ways, but it is far from “two hours of play and all the rest of the day to have fun.”
Poker strategies are becoming more precise every day, and players more experienced and knowledgeable. To have a future – and in some cases a present – it is necessary to alternate between play and a lot of study and analysis.
Practice alone is not enough, as important as it is. Technique must also improve off the table, with the help of a poker coach, a solver, a poker school, but also books, comparison with other players, videos, articles and courses.
The important thing is to be consistent and disciplined, like a sportsman who would never skip a workout, no matter how strenuous and hard it might be.

2) Bankroll management

“If poker is a game, money is the score,” someone said. But they are actually much more: they are your only resource.
The goal is obviously to get them to increase, but the real number one priority is not to lose them.
This is why every self-respecting professional gambler has a solid bankroll management strategy, a way designed to ensure that he or she does not find himself or herself in a position to put his or her last funds on the line.
We have already explained five of the most common mistakes that are made in roll management.
And the number one mistake of all is not having a strategy at all, followed by the mistake of not knowing how to follow it with discipline.
If you want to reach the stars, you can’t let one swing wipe out all the way so far in one fell swoop.
Don’t be swayed by too many stories of professionals who went broke several times until they found success.

an excellent bankroll management in online poker

Remember that there is a lot of talk about this handful of examples, but no one is going to tell you about those who did as they did and ended up with a zero the size of a house in their bank account.

3) The mental aspect and the emotional aspect.

Playing poker is fun, adrenaline-pumping, exciting, but to move toward professionalism you need to learn to control your emotions.
The “mental game” is one of the fundamental aspects of poker, and especially one of the most underrated. Yet this is precisely one of the reasons why some players fail to rise to the higher levels.
Not knowing how to adjust in the face of a bad run, making sub-optimal choices because they are conditioned by the numbers involved, taking it personally against an opponent at the table. These are just some of the countless examples where our game is negatively affected by our mental and emotional aspect.
The priority is to fix these problems, but it is important to get better and better.
The more we cultivate our mindset, the more we will be able to express our A-Game for long periods of time, be lucid in every situation and have a secret reserve of energy that can put us in an advantageous condition.
It is no coincidence that (almost) all players at the highest level, consciously or unconsciously have developed an excellent mental and emotional state, in poker and in life.

Playing catch-up is the thing to do

4) The optimization of the routine

In short, a professional-and an aspiring one-must study, review, cultivate their mental state, play… It is not so easy to do all this without some organization.
Not to mention that there are also many other aspects in life: friends, family, good nutrition, physical activity, you name it. Incidentally, all useful things for point number 3 of this guide.
Building a winning routine is the key for many poker players, the way to succeed in doing everything necessary (and superfluous) and living a balanced life with a view to improving and growing.
This point in a way goes to the other points on this list, becoming the key to studying what is needed and cultivating the body and mind to express the best game from every angle.
Plus routine is one of the secrets of discipline, making everything a habit. Being able to optimize it is an art that brings miracles in the long run.

5) The comparison with other players

One of the secrets of many world-class players is the strength of the community.
More heads are better than one, and comparing with other players is most useful to get new points of view, reflect to donate new points of view and grow much faster.
You would not believe how many poker lives have turned around because of this simple step.
Plus there is no need to compare ourselves with stronger players than us! He is recommended and he is a great value, no doubt, but even a poorer player than us can give us a tip on some aspect that we have not delved into as deeply as he has.

A proper routine is essential for a professional player

Obviously, coaches are a case in point because of the immense value they bring, but coaching someone, for example, also grows. It allows us to go over our knowledge, reframe our ideas, and make sure we fully understand the issues.
In short, if you are a victim of self-centered, lone-wolf thoughts, we advise you to leave it alone: even if you want to do everything yourself, the best way to get to the top is to do it with the help of other heads.

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