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The importance of coaching in a Staking project

A staking coaching project is an excellent opportunity for any poker player who wants to grow and aspires to climb the various levels but without having to worry about investing capital upfront for bankroll or tuition. If the ambition is to continue to grow or even remain competitive at the levels that matter, having a coaching service coupled with staking that can be counted on is essential for a poker player.

Why do I need a poker coach?

Poker, especially Texas Hold’Em, is an extremely competitive and ever-evolving game. Staying current on new theories and continuing to improve one’s technique is one of a player’s top priorities.

There are many ways to study poker: with the help of specific software (tackers and solvers), by comparing yourself with other poker players, by purchasing online courses, or by following the best streamers on the market for example.

The most efficient way, however, remains coaching, a series of lessons with a trained teacher-player who can easily bring out the strengths and weaknesses of the coached person and set a course of study woven to the student’s specifications.

Coaching compared to other methods of study is the only one that can chart a course of growth that is structured, organized, and always in step with the times and developments in poker strategy.

Coaching + staking = success!

We realized that coaching is an opportunity not to be missed, “But what does it have to do with staking?” You might ask yourself.

Staking and coaching are paths that often go hand in hand for many reasons that we will now go on to explain, and they always turn out to be a win-win from which both staker and staked get great benefits.

For the staked person, a staking path without coaching will never have the same potential for growth, and seeking private coaching tends to be very expensive.

(The explanation is fairly intuitive: the player’s earnings will increase by playing at higher levels through technical preparation. It is equally beneficial to the staker for the player to play and win at higher levels, and he will have every interest in taking care of his training by providing professional coaches. This is why we at Top1percent tie staking to an included coaching track).

In addition, the student will not have to worry about anything because a single structure will handle the financial and technical aspects. The stakate will be able to think only of playing (and studying) with greater peace of mind and confidence.

Finding the right coach is not as elementary as it may seem. We run the risk of finding a teacher without an adequate level of preparation, who is unreliable, incompatible, or who does not care about our results, and by contacting the most reputable coaches, of course we can expect to pay more.

With a staking-coaching framework such as Top1percent, we will be in the hands of reliable professionals selected directly by the school. A direct and accessible teaching source included in the staking project!

One element that makes the common interest clearer than any other is that a coach rewarded in profit at the tables will have more interest in providing flawless preparation, while coaches paid by the hour can sometimes, unfortunately, profit from “wasting time,” slowing player growth and increasing costs.

As part of a staking and coaching structure, coaches will also have the role of assessing the staker’s game from a qualitative (not results) perspective by deciding the direction to take with the staking path in a forward-looking manner.

This means that successes and failures in the short term will not be relevant, and when a coach deems the player sufficiently prepared, he or she can move on to level up. Even in times of bad runs.

How to join Top1Percent

If you are interested in a path like the one just described, send your application through our form, you will have a chance to have a chat with the coach in charge of the discipline of your choice and evaluate together the path that suits you best.


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