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The Scholarship by Top1percent

The Top1percent scholarship is the project that gives you the opportunity to receive a staking to play poker online and grow as a player through coaching included for your favorite specialty, from cash game to MTTs via SPINs.

With the combination of staking and coaching, this is an important opportunity for anyone whose goal is to Scale the levels as fast as possible: thanks to the free capital provided by Top1percent you can always play at the level best suited for you and no longer have to fear swings in the short term, and with the support of the coach dedicated to you, your skills will grow exponentially.

In short, you no longer have to worry about bankroll management or structuring a curriculum. You can devote yourself 100% to playing and studying, we will take care of the rest!

Candidatura Staking

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Scholarship help for a poker player

Among the many students we have helped over the years, we have highlighted some patterns that helped us bring out what were the most recurring “handbrakes” of an aspiring poker pro’s poker growth. The Top1percent scholar ship was created with the ambition of removing these disincentives and facilitating the path to growth; let’s look at some examples of obstacles that can be bypassed thanks to the Top1percent scholarship.

Time lost playing levels lower than proficient

Sometimes a player’s skills are far higher than the level at which he plays., but by strictly following the rules of bankroll management (rightly so!) they have to spend many hours, many hands and many swings before they get to the level they are at. By staking this project, your game will be evaluated by the coach and you will be provided with free capital to play where you deserve right away.

The Art of PPoker by Top1Percent

Prospectus theory
– loss aversion

Another all too common problem is the emotional attachment to money, which generates fear in a player facing higher limits than he or she is used to. Staking, of course, solves this as well.

Not Studying – not devoting enough time to study – studying the wrong way

Perhaps the most limiting of all a player’s difficulties are problems related to study: not to study, Studying poorly or not knowing where to start, greatly slow down a player’s potential, which with a dedicated coach included in the Top1percent Scholarship Will be able to overcome all these cliffs in one fell swoop.

Keeping goals in mind

The one thing that we cannot work on, but that will be critical to you and your growth, will be dedication.

Commitment, discipline, determination
are and always will be the key words for those who want to achieve success. If you are ready to field them, we can already shake hands and start this adventure together.

How to join Top1Percent

Top1percent coaches are available to assist you in making your choice and answer your questions, submit your application through our form, we will evaluate together the path that is most congenial to you.


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