Who it is aimed at

We select players who demonstrate passion and competence, with a willingness to challenge themselves and be predisposed to a path of growth.

Greater serenity

You only take care of giving your best, we take care of the rest.

Personal Coach

Our students are the most important resource; a coach will be with you all the way.

All the bankroll you need

The random component is part of the game, as long as you express your game to the fullest you will have an almost unlimited bankroll.

Community Top 1%

Our trainees have access to discord channels dedicated to them, so they can compare and exchange views.

Study software

You will have the most cutting-edge software to study and constantly improve your game.

How Does Staking Work?

The Top1% project offers its candidates a joint staking and coaching course.

The staking formula within the poker world is understood as a professional relationship between the staker (the investor, in this case the school) and the staked (in this case the player). The way it works, in most cases, is as follows: the former provides the latter with the capital needed to tackle the game at the various levels and in the various disciplines against a set percentage of any winnings.The advantages are obvious: the company is concerned with providing its members with the economic support they need to tackle the climb in the world of online poker without affecting the wallet of its stakates in the slightest in such a way as to guarantee them economic and mental peace of mind necessary to carry out a difficult and demanding job such as the professional poker player.

Our Formula

For us, coaching is to be understood as a comprehensive and elaborate training course, we believe that the teaching of the game of poker, turns out to be fundamental both in order to obtain satisfactory economic results for the candidate and to provide him/her with a meticulous and comprehensive training within the world of poker. Specifically, the coaching course we devise traces the entire development of the game of poker from its founding elements to the use of the most modern software.

The procedures we use to provide our students with a professional and successful methodology are many and will be explained below:

– A team of experienced and trained coaches who will follow your path from the very first moment. Each member will be assigned a reference teacher and, in addition, will also be given the opportunity to engage in monthly discussions with other members of the training staff.

– Presence of a performance coach-a graduate student and expert in the field-who will provide our community participants with assiduous support from a mental and performance perspective.

– Constant support from an IT and management perspective.

– In-person meetings designed to fortify the interpersonal relationship between project members, consolidate our educational vision of the game, delving into some aspects of poker through trips to the most representative places (trips to Las Vegas or Europe), vacations/travel useful to unplug given the abundant amount of work and stress to which all those in this profession are subjected

The key stages of the Staking-Coaching cash game pathway

Phase I: the entry point to our world

The candidate, after passing the initial test and being admitted to the school, is placed within our community. It will be assigned a reference coach who will guide it through a weekly face-to-face lesson on its journey within poker and school.

Already from this point, the student will also have access to the monthly class taught in groups by the school’s various teachers, placement in the various study groups, and ‘assistance related to the use of game-related software.

In thisthis way TOP1% provides the candidate from the very beginning with the keys to be a winning player.

Phase I is in fact an initial stage that allows the new student to assess his willingness to embrace this profession and the school to evaluate the worthiness of his commitment and dedication.

Phase II: the gateway to professionalism

The player will be offered to sign a contract that will formalize his entry into the company. In addition to the usual weekly lessons with their primary coach, the player will have access to a weekly joint lesson with all members of our training team and the services of our performance coach aimed at improving their performance and mental toughness.

Phase III: the journey to the elite

In this phase, elements regarding game theory previously covered in Phase II, and the methodology for applying it to the game of poker, will be thoroughly explored. The player will be presented with our model of heuristics for finding and calculating Nash equilibria by making use of software of our own creation.

The key stages of the MTT Staking-Coaching journey.

Phase I: Selection and initial operation

Once they enter the MTT pathway, following an initial careful assessment of their level of play a coach is assigned who will make an initial macro-leak correction through ONE To ONE lessons.

The course of study at this stage includes: hand history reviews, analysis of databases, and basic strategies of various stages.

Phase II: professional approach to MTTs.

Proven skills, perseverance and passion of the player, a tailor-made path is built, among other benefits it will also be possible to have access to our Discord channels where it will be possible to confront professional players of all levels.

The key topics of study will be: : range construction, advanced simulations using solvers, ICM simulations, adaptation of the study to trends in the reference field.

Phase III: all the components for success

From here on, you will have unlimited access to all the best solvers, daily study through direct channels with multiple coaches in the facility who, in addition to exploring more deeply what you have done in the previous steps, will make the path more dynamic by fostering the climb to the high stakes.

Candidatura Staking

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Why choose Top 1%

Healthy and pleasant working environment, hotbed of poker talent.

Method of study and work optimized through years of experience serving members.

Established and established team, direct relationship with stakati and coaches.


We focus on value

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The poker school that provides you with all the tools you need to begin your path to professionalism.

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