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What is staking in poker?

Scaling the levels is the goal of every poker player, but you know it can be a long process, especially if you start at low limits, even if your skills are higher. Staking can be the perfect solution to speed things up and get there sooner where you can win really interesting amounts of money; let’s find out why together.

Staking in poker: what it is and how it works

Staking is when a backer offers bankroll to a (staked) player to sit at higher tables than his finances would allow, obviously following a proper management of the bankroll.
In other words, a player with a 500 euro bankroll cannot play NL50 even if he is good enough to win, because it would only take one swing to lose it all. A staker who recognizes the skill of the player, may provide him – for example – 2,000 euros to play NL50 directly.
Of course, it is not pure patronage, the investor is entitled to a fair return, but this can take forms that are not directly costly to a player, such as a share of rakeback or a percentage of withdrawals.

The “problem” of doing everything on one’s own strength

The true poker player knows that he must have careful bankroll management, playing within a certain buy-in limit and, when he beats the level and reaches a certain roll threshold, move up to the next level. Then he “only” has to repeat this process, (variance permitting), continuing to improve, grow and level up.
As we said, however, it is not always fast, even if you are a player who “crusades” the level. Think of an NL2 grinder who has 50 euros and wants to turn it into 200 before moving to NL5: 150 euros translates into 75 stacks, or 7,500bb. If he wins even 20bb/100, he will have to play an average of 375,000 hands to advance to the next step.

The sclaata of microlimits can be frustrating for a poker player

And even at that point it won’t be over there, because he’s still going to be at the microlimits, and he’s going to have to play as many to move up to NL10, and then the 25, 50 — and in each of those steps he’s going to encounter fields that are getting a little bit more complicated, his bb/100 will drop making it even slower to climb.
Oh, and for those who play Spin&Go or MTT, this process gets longer still because of variance and less consistency in winnings.
Poker is not a sprint, it is a marathon, and there is always time to play without being in a hurry. However, a good initial acceleration can turn a player’s career around, leapfrog the micro-limits and get straight to where he can really put all his skills to work and continue to grow, spurred on by larger gains and more difficult challenges.

Is this a scam? Am I just a number to the investor?”

We’re not going to lie to you, the poker world (like all other worlds, for that matter) is not only composed of good and honest people.
Thus, we cannot guarantee that any staking proposal is safe and profitable, but by informing yourself about the terms and conditions of the contract, it will be easy for you to understand who to trust and who to avoid.
For example, if staking requires a return of the amount paid into the bankroll, in our opinion more than staking we are talking about “borrowing” or worse, and for a player the risk in this case is not worth the candle.
Another matter, however, is when the staker finances your game in exchange for a return on the rake you pay or a small percentage of your withdrawals, as long as these are designed with a view to always allowing the bankroll to grow.
Schools like Top1percent invest in players, but by “invest” we do not simply mean money. Both sides have an advantage (both economic, but also image, personal…) in the growth and winnings of the staked player.
That is why along with the bankroll, we also provide an organized course of study and improvement. That is why we are prepared to leave out the results at the tables and allow level ups to players we feel are prepared.
We believe that a stak-coaching project is a win-win situation, where school and player work together to grow together: the player has to put in the effort and determination, we take care of the rest.

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