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Why does TOP ONE PERCENT do staking and not coaching?

Over the years, the Italian poker scene has witnessed the birth, growth and evolution of a plethora of schools and study groups. Despite this, and especially for the past few years, many of these have disappeared, others have evolved, and still others have undergone transformation. Top One Percent, in the industry for more than a decade, is certainly among those organizations that has understood change, harnessed it, and deployed pliability and resilience in a fast-paced and ever-changing scenario, displaying great managerial and visionary skills.

Knowledge of the Poker Market

When we talk about Poker, today we are essentially referring to Texas Hold’em and all the game modes it encompasses:

  • MTT (Multi Table Tourney)
  • Sit and Go
  • Spin and Go
  • Cash game

In each of these variations TOP stands out in what we can call the real and concrete investment in human resources: STAKING

The goal, the mission that the school has always set for itself and which, over time, has yielded uncommon results and satisfaction, was to believe in it! Believing in people and their potential and, consequently, investing in their human and technical capabilities. The comeback has been fantastic and today TOP ranks among the best Staking schools in Italy.

The vision

Having an idea, designing it, and finally creating it, putting it into practice, is a complex path full of pitfalls, but it is also a satisfying and exciting challenge. In this TOP demonstrates all its efficiency and visionary ability. In a market as complicated, tortuous, however competitive and, above all, limited as the Italian one, the School manages to distinguish itself with a project as ambitious as it is challenging: the staking coaching

Why this choice?

In Italy, needless to turn around, the Poker market experienced its el dorado between 2008 and 2016, and then underwent a significant downturn and transformation.

Subsequently the thinning of a number of factors such as:

  • the liquidity
  • The good educational offerings usable through the network
  • The accessibility of coaching for mid and high stakes

convinced Top One Percent managers to focus on this new strand of enterprise, staking coaching precisely, in order to maintain a level of excellence in the target market.

Difference between coaching and staking-coaching

In pure coaching, a school offers the opportunity to choose from several tutors who, of course, have an hourly cost. Typically, a tutor charges the hourly earnings for an hour of instruction. It is intuitable that for a player who wants to make the leap to high stakes, he will face exorbitant costs, when commensurate with the .it scenario which, let us remember, is very limited in terms of liquidity compared to abroad. It is not the coach that is expensive, but the Italian network with its very limited offer in terms of traffic.

In staking coaching, the situation for the player is quite different. In this case, through a mutually beneficial arrangement, the player who, perhaps, barely floats between low and mid stakes, has the opportunity to enhance his or her poker back ground by taking free lessons from Top One Percent’s coaches, who, in addition, provide the necessary funds to be able to play at the tables; the player will be followed in the round and step-by-step throughout the entire journey, including leveling up.

In conclusion.

In a difficult and complex environment such as Poker, which does not offer many insights for growth, for several reasons, including some cultural limitations, the real added value is to be able to implement mainly two things:

  • experience
  • ideas

Top One Percent is a sparkling and vibrant reality. He treasured his experience, continuously studying and experimenting with the market. All this has given her the necessary creativity that has allowed her to stay one step ahead of the times and get where she is today, among the few concrete realities in Italian Poker and beyond.

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