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How TOP ONE PERCENT’s staking cash game coaching works

Let’s start right away by saying that being a professional cash game poker player means dedicating yourself entirely to this discipline and turning your passion into a profitable job. Only the most disciplined and prepared players can achieve success in such a competitive field. Cash gaming is a profession that offers satisfaction and an excellent quality of life, but it requires dedication, precision, attention to detail and continuous updating of one’s skills.

A professional cash game player has, without a doubt, considerable advantages:

  • enjoys great flexibility of schedule and work freedom, being able to decide when and how much time to devote to poker
  • Has the opportunity to earn considerable sums, depending on one’s skills and the volume of play lavished
  • lives his passion as a job and makes poker a stable and rewarding source of income

All true, but to become a pro, the basic requirements are:

  • Commitment
  • Studio
  • Constance
  • Resilience

And if this is necessary to become a professional in a normal world, know that for those who live in the Olympus of Poker it is still not enough. In fact, all this must be accompanied by important human qualities and the ability to be a team player, that same ability that will allow the individual professional player to enter into total symbiosis with a unique reality: the Top One Percent school.

What is staking coaching

It is a program that provides players with the financial support and training needed and customized to help them improve their skills and achieve success in cash game. Top One Percent selects players who meet certain requirements and offers them the opportunity to be funded and work with top cash game coaches. This allows players to incur various poker-related expenses, such as being able to play a level suited to their abilities, and offers comprehensive support tailored to the needs of the student. Players can, in this way, focus on improving their skills without financial worries.

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The staking coaching pathway of Top One percent

The applicant fills out a form on the website or via social and submits the application. Should he or she pass the first selection, he or she will be assigned a Tutor, who will contact the student for an initial cognitive interview in which he or she will be explained how the the staking coaching program.

Following this phase, the student will be assigned to a reference coach, who will explain the didactics to the player and follow him step by step on his growth path. Subsequent to this stage and the shaping of certain requirements, the student may be placed in a new top-level curriculum.

Top One Percent’s training program

It is divided into three separate modules:

  • Module 1-Study of the mathematics and strategy involved in the exploitable world, from its beginnings to the advent of solvers. This will be complemented by the use of tracking and analysis programs.
  • Module 2 – Study of Game Theory, both in general and applied to cash game.
  • Module 3 – Study of a proprietary model of heuristics for multiple-size equilibrium search.

The candidate, whatever their experience, will initially be placed in Module 1. In this very thorough course of study he will learn how to manage and govern in detail all the strategies of the exploitable world, preparatory to face with serenity any cash game level of the .it. During this phase he will do both individual lessons, on a weekly basis, which group and will have access to the programs and study materials made available by the school. The student will also have the option at any time to opt out of the curriculum and leave the school, with no strings attached.

Should the coach deem it appropriate, he may, with the approval of the school’s governing bodies, propose that the player be placed in Modules 2 and 3.

The advantages

The player who is placed in Modules 2 and 3 has a number of important benefits available to him including:

  • 4 Individual Lessons per month with a Top High Stakes Coach
  • 1 group lesson per week
  • 2 individual classes per month with a professional psychologist specializing in Performance
  • 1 group class per month with a professional psychologist specializing in Performance
  • Live events held around the world and fully funded by Top One Percent school

Unlike in Module 1, in this scenario players in Modules 2 and 3 are bound to remain in Top One Percent for at least 3 years and, as far as live events are concerned, share the profit within the stable. This aspect is important because it allows very high-level players to achieve consistent gains by effectively lowering periods of variance as well.

The ultimate goal

The target of Top One Percent is clear:
To create and grow, from year to year, a team of players with out-of-the-ordinary people skills, mentality, and technical ability
. Players, in fact, have a real chance to join an elite, absolutely valuable, almost priceless team. The environment is positive and exciting and, within the same stable, allows for the right cohesion among members, creating the best conditions for a peaceful ecosystem that is both productive and very stimulating.


“You must look at the comrade next to you, look into his eyes; I bet you will see there a man determined to gain ground with you, that you will see there a man who will willingly sacrifice for this team, knowing that when the time comes you will do the same for him. That is being a team my lords. So either we rise up now as a collective, or we will be annihilated individually.”

cit. Al Pacino,
Every Damn Sunday

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