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Well yes, let’s face it: playing in the Poker room has its undeniable appeal. Just being able to touch cards and put chips in the pot, to do it in person while sitting at a table of challengers willing to do anything to show off their skills, is worth the cost of the buy-in. It is beautiful, fulfilling, adrenaline-pumping! If we can then win a complicated hand, perhaps on bluff, it is even more satisfying, almost orgasmic. Everyone will have a say, will want to convince others that the strategy was correct, that it had logic. Everyone talking about it and showing off. Sometimes snooty and stilted, trying to be convincing as well. And while for some there is the “delirium of omnipotence” from a series of compelling and even lucky hands, for others there is the realization that it is a bad day, dampened and peppered with the occasional funny joke that attracts the attention and laughter of the other players at the table. There are taciturn players, not sure whether out of shyness or simply seeking concentration, others more talkative ready to say something all the time or almost all the time: all this is color, socialization, challenge. And it is not only about the game, but also, indeed, especially about the rivalry between different personalities. This is all part of the magic of poker, that of live tournaments.

The most obvious customs of the Italian live player

In the beautiful country, the level of players has risen a great deal in the past decade, thanks to the coaching and victories of several homegrown champions in casinos around the world. Preparation, victories and prestigious placements have increasingly stimulated live tournaments by giving a propulsive boost to Live Poker. We Italians definitely love a certain kind of game in the hall.

“Crisp” players

We are
extroverts, we like to talk, to gesticulate, to attract attention, and on this we certainly stand out from other foreign players who are usually more discreet and serious. It is part of our way of being; it is our DNA. Just as in ordinary life, in the same way it is often reflected in live games. It is, in a way, our trademark: capable, likeable and never uncomfortable, even in the most important games.

Another aspect that sets us apart is the
superstition. Sometimes manifested by the affective use of objects of all kinds, Card Protector first and foremost. How many times have we seen an opponent use his or her own good luck charm at the table, even almost giving up on playing the hand if the chosen gadget was not, at that precise moment, in his or her availability. This, too, we can say with certainty, is a distinguishing feature, although it should be noted that, by its very nature, the Poker player is scaramantic.

Tournaments are long and challenging and also live in phases. The action is much slower than in online games, and this encourages another aspect concerning the Italian player’s customs and habits, theuse of technological devices: smartphones, headphones, earphones and tablets to see and hear anything. From sports to music, sometimes passing by some TV shows or series. More experienced players, especially at certain times, often prefer to isolate themselves and listen to relaxing music that helps concentration and keeps the mind free and responsive.

Look and Relax

When we talk about Italy and Italians we certainly cannot help but match a concept that, for sure, also distinguishes us in terms of taste: we refer to the
clothing. It is true, for us to dress up and do it well is something that is impossible to do without. We can do it with casual or sporty clothing, but we care especially and always. For the Italian player, sitting at the table in a poker room cannot be the exception that confirms the rule. Whether jacket or sweatshirt, the right outfit is a “must have” along with the use of dark glasses to keep emotions from leaking out, but not only that. Good clothing, guessed and in keeping with the surroundings makes very “cool.” In the end, let us never forget that although a card game, it is still an event, sometimes with a high social content. Dressing appropriately helps you stay well centered in your comfort zone and, as a result, makes it easier to play to your full potential.

And finally, it has become common to see players, especially Italians, while sitting at the table, taking advantage of the
massages made by professional operators. Massage is a true art and is most important for those who sit for many consecutive hours. Getting a massage helps blood circulation, and blood flow to the brain benefits greatly, helping the player stay active and focused. A professional massage therapist works optimally on the ribs and muscles and provides the physique with optimal posture, which helps against stress and fatigue due to the sedentary lifestyle that, playfully, a live tournament imposes.

An Online Poker player with a headset

The key difference with online gaming

Playing live has its appeal, but at the same time, it is clearly different than playing online. While in the former case there are many opportunities to socialize and, why not, even make interesting friends, in the online this aspect is almost completely missing, or we can better say it is more complicated. Getting acquainted, however, is not impossible, thanks mainly to chats, forums and social.

Obviously, in-theater play is much slower, reflective, and practicable since you are dealing with a single tournament at a time, while online everything flows much faster and you have the ability to play even several games at once, thanks to advanced and intuitive software.

Of course, high-end live tournaments have unmatched appeal, for a whole host of reasons. There is an incredible inducement around them, creating impressive anticipation with nothing to envy the best sports and entertainment competitions. In these events, the final table is broadcast by TV channels and streaming platforms, and the prizes are lavish. The prestige of going all the way to the end of such a live tournament is immeasurable and gives enormous visibility, far more than any tournament played on digital platforms.


To sum up, what are the typical habits of Italian players?
In this article, we have counted five of them although, for sure, we could add more, but these surely are the most obvious ones:

  • Socializing at the table, empathy and the desire to talk and share thoughts and opinions, not just poker

  • The superstition, sympathetic, sometimes insolent, even ritual at some moments, but never trivial

  • Technology, absolute companion at all times, however and wherever, especially between an AA and a 7 and 2 off

  • Clothing, with all possible facets and combinations, the important thing is that, in any case, there is never a lack of taste in dressing in the most appropriate way.

  • Seek the help of a massage therapist to keep the mind and body in shape during long gaming sessions.

Poker played live somehow reflects our way of being, our culture, the customs and traditions of this beautiful country. We like to share, be sunny, talk about sports, dress well and take care of our person. We are superstitious, we believe in luck, but we also have the ability to improve. We have significantly increased our technical background and knowledge in tactics and game strategies, and all this has allowed us to get to compete with the best Poker Players Pro in the world.

Without tradition, art is a flock of sheep without a shepherd. Without innovation, it is a corpse.

Winston Churchill

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