Understand when you need a coach


If you make these mistakes in poker you definitely need a coach

Often poker players feel confident that they can improve on their own, that all they need to do is put in a little effort to succeed.
So when you need a poker coach? What are the signs that it is time to seek help from someone who knows more?
The real answer is always, as long as there is someone who can teach you something you don’t know.
However, we found five alarm bells in particular that should advise you to seek counseling right away!

1) Do not devote time to study

Basically the base. It is virtually impossible to improve and make your way in poker simply by playing and learning from experience.
A theoretical culture and continuous updates are necessary to remain competitive in the long term.
Sometimes, however, it happens that you don’t have the perseverance or the drive to jump on solvers, videos, and books. Or one does not know how to study, where to start, how to do it efficiently.
This is precisely where a poker coach comes in, who will be able to analyze the quality of your game, find your weaknesses, and set an orderly and comprehensive course to improve you.

2) You think you don’t win because others are wrong!

Some players are unpredictable, but that does not mean it is a problem...quite the contrary

Let’s say it out of the teeth: a fish ‘s most common excuse is to say that he loses because others play poorly, with the great classic “Against the good ones I know how to play, against the poor ones I never know what to expect!”
This is something that tends to go away with experience, but sometimes unconsciously we keep doing it, thinking that if the other person had played the hand differently, we would have won it.
One thing is true: against poor opponents you never know what to expect. The point is that actually their “unpredictability” should not be a problem when you know how to take advantage of these huge leaks.
A good coach can show you the way on how to react to different styles of play, and win in the long run even if you occasionally lose a stack.
Also, you may have the great surprise of finding out that something you thought was a leak was actually not a leak….

3) Always point to the same sizes without thinking about it

In recent years, solvers have shaken up poker theory, popularizing moves that were once not used.
The best known examples are small bet and overbet, but also preflop open sizes.
These “novelties” are actually consequences of a broader discourse, namely, choosing the ideal size based on the many factors (board, stack, range advantage…)
If you notice that you are betting without due reflection, or that you cannot explain why you are choosing that particular size, obviously it is time to investigate with a coach.

4) You lose your temper often

It is not uncommon for tilt propensity to be a strong indicator of needing to improve one’s skillset (and not realizing it).
Obviously, this is not a universal rule, there are many strong pros we see “flake out” from time to time, but it takes the humility to understand when we need to improve.
If you lose your temper a lot, it means you lose a lot, and realistically they can’t always be bad beats.
You probably need to file some leaks, and a coach can help you do that efficiently and quickly.
If it turns out to be just a mindset problem, there are excellent mental coaches to take care of this very important aspect as well.

Losing your temper in poker

5) You consider software useless in general

Although sometimes overrated or misinterpreted, online poker software is an excellent tool for studying and analyzing one’s game.
The more time passes, the more sophisticated and efficient these become, just think of solvers and their latest developments.
It is gratifying to think that you can achieve equal or better results by your own efforts, but realistically you cannot.
Software allows you to understand the dynamics of the game well, understand your mistakes, delve into complex scenarios, and get a broader overview.
Sometimes the animosity toward these programs stems only from the difficulty of using them, and here is how a poker coach can be helpful, to understand together how they work and extract the maximum value from them.

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