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If your goal is to get better at poker, regardless of whether your motivation is that you aim to become a professional player or simply because you’re crazy about competition at the tables, a free poker school is what might be right for you!
Suffice it to say that usually coaching is considered an investment from which you also return in expenses rather quickly. Let’s imagine a player who with 4 bb/100 wins an average of €1,000 per month: if with a couple of coaching lessons his winrate increased to even 5 bb/100, his winnings would become €1,250! In short, even if coaching cost €1,000, it would only take four months to cover the expense and start making even more profit.
So how profitable can it be to be part of a free poker school? An incalculable advantage. With Top1percent you can get free coaching, in exchange for just the right discipline and determination to commit to your poker journey. Let’s go and see how it works.

Top1percent staking

Top1percent is a poker school that offers free stak-coaching training, so the double benefit is that you don’t even have to invest in your bankroll.
With staking, in fact, we will provide you with the capital to play with according to your level of preparation.
When you send your application to the stak-coaching of Top1percent, you will be contacted for a cognitive interview, where the school’s coaches will evaluate various factors such as your table and hand history, but also your determination and desire to play and improve.
Having made the necessary assessments, the coaches will decide what level of tournaments or cash games to have you play in, and you will be provided with an appropriate bankroll to play that level.
All that will be required of you in return is to adhere to the game and study schedule agreed upon with the school, and you will not have to worry about bankroll management, level down, level up and swing.
As if that weren’t interesting enough, in fact, your bankroll and the level at which you play will not be tied to your results at the tables as usual. It is the coaches who will judge whether your level of play is appropriate for the level, lower or higher, and adjust the bankroll accordingly.
In extreme cases, a very good player who faces a bad run may even be elected to level up and receive a new bankroll.

The free poker school

Obviously, Top1percent does not distribute money into players’ gambling accounts with their eyes closed. It is a school that invests in its students, and demands a certain amount of commitment in return.
In a way, this also serves to show that the school has an interest in providing quality coaching and really growing the skill level of the players, both from a personal standpoint, but also financially.
In other words, although it is free, Top1percent’s coaching is not cheesy or listless, because it is in the interest of all parties involved that the player progressively improves, and the coaches want to offer quality, availability, and support to poker players.
Through coaching sessions, reviews, theory, and instructional materials, the goal is for a player to become better and better, receive approval from coaches, and climb the levels.
The combination of staking, whereby you don’t have to wait to actually bring your bankroll up to a certain amount, and coaching, whereby you can identify your weaknesses, learn new concepts and improve your skills, is potentially the fastest way to grow.
All you will have to do, as we have mentioned several times, is to put dedication into the game and commitment to study, without distractions or worries about bankroll and the like.
On this journey you will get to know coaches and other players with whom you will also forge bonds of friendship, both at and away from the tables. Are you ready to get started?

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