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Marco perra wins planet poker live main event

A member of Team Top1Percent Marco Perra 29 years old from Livorno with origins from Cagliari, Italy, places the flag on the Planet Poker Live main event held in Nova Gorica. We had a chat with Marco from which some very interesting insights emerged, and so we said, why don’t we publish it on the website?

Can you tell us your poker story? When did you start playing poker and how did you progress in the game through the various disciplines?

A bit like everyone else I started playing poker with friends in classic kitchen tables between beers and cigarettes, although almost no one knew the rules we really had a lot of fun, we dedicated at least one evening a week to the classic poker game. Thanks to some sit and go from a few euros online, I also started to get into mtts, the only discipline I practice and still study.

What was the turning point that led you to decide to play poker more seriously?

I can’t not mention the now defunct pokeritalia24, I really spent many hours watching that channel and in my head kept bouncing this idea of wanting to make a living playing poker like the people I saw on TV did.
From there I met Lupus (my first coach whom I salute very fondly) who introduced me through a school to the world of the Regs and poker as a job, and how it was actually not so easy to make a living playing poker.

When did you encounter Top1Percent in your journey?

After an initial coaching course with already named lupus I decided for various reasons to go down a lonely road, not to mention that I ended up broke time zero … there I met the Top1percent and my second and current coach, that grave Luigi D’Alterio, with whom I began a journey now several years ago and brought me to where I am now, I can only mention and thank him.

Marco Perra at the Final Table

Coming to your latest success, the Planet Poker Live main event, what would you like to tell us about your success?

A premise is due, I really played a lot live this year, contrary to my habits, after securing several day1s around Europe the satisfaction of winning my first live trophy is really great, but the thing that gave me the most enormous pleasure was the messages of affection and congratulations I received during and after the tournament, really a lot and I was really sorry I couldn’t answer everyone right away, I was really dumb from that. I don’t want to get too technical about the tournament and leaving out a few hands played a little so-so, I really ran well in key spots, but no one wins a tournament by losing every spot :).

Do you generally prefer Live or online play and why?

I consider things to be very different, not at the level of the game, but everything surrounding the two: Live you travel the world you meet people, see places and have a lot of experiences and it’s great, but I would never consider playing live a job, that I do that one locked up tanning in front of my computer screens between studying and coaching my kids who I greet warmly.

What is your daily poker routine?

I don’t have a precise routine, the only recurring thing in my day is the time I start clicking, it tends to be around 7:30 p.m., from Sunday to Thursday I play every day, in the afternoon I devote it either to coaching or studying and in my spare time some hobbies ,(those who know me know I’m talking about League of Legends), Friday and Saturday I always take them as days off and I don’t even want to hear about a poker hand on those days, I think being able to disconnect is really very important.

How do you recover after a long and demanding session? Are there specific hobbies or activities that help you restore your mental and physical energy?

Going out with my friends always helps me, although it often ends up that I have to find a way to recover from the recovery ha ha :D! This year, however, I have been using live a lot to obviate the time spent in front of the PC, and I must say that it has improved my quality of life a lot.

What is one piece of advice orwhat would you feel like giving to someone who wanted to start studying the game of poker?

It takes a lot of patience and humility to tackle this game, above all you need to understand that it is always a path where you start from the bottom learning the basic mechanisms of the game until you progress to the more complicated things, obviously the help of a good coach who can explain why one thing is better than another, instead of relying on some solver without actually understanding anything about the game mechanisms.


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