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Luigi D’alterio tells us about his sixth-place finish at EPT Prague

Let’s face it, The Discord of Top1Percent is a repository of poker talent, I realize it may come across as a bit self-celebratory, but you have to be objective, on Tuesday for example Luigi D’Alterio returned from his adventure at EPT Prague, and of course in addition to the ritual festivities the barrage of questions began, and since I’m in communications, I had the genius idea,(Joke), to do an interview asking questions that maybe would be of interest to many poker fans:

Hi Luigi, how are you? Let’s make it clear right away are you happier or more disappointed with your 6th place finish?

Hi, I’m pretty good…honestly I’m more disappointed than happy but that’s normal, it’s the first few days after coming so close to such an important achievement, maybe in a few days or weeks I’ll see glass half full!!!

Was there a particular moment during the tournament when you thought you had an extra “edge”?

On day2 I went very deep in the pre-bubble phase and did a little bit of good and bad at the table, forcing my opponents also to very winged reshoves and from there having had very important stacks I was able to manage it well.

What was the worst moment during the tournament? How did you overcome it?

The worst moment I experienced was during the bubble of the final table, when for two hours I practically lost every hand, two of them quite important. I ended up 10th of 10 with 25BB after being all tournament 2 or 3 times over avarage, luckily I won two preflop shots that allowed me to get in a good position at the final table. Then the dinner break that helped me a lot to reset the psychological aspect and restart with peace of mind.

What was your reaction after the tournament was over? What did you do right after that?

As soon as I came out I was a little disappointed, I didn’t know how to achieve 6th place, then I went to dinner my friends who had come to cheer for me and tried to distract me let’s say partially succeeded.

What are your future plans in the poker world?

For the future, I think I will continue massing online, as I have always done besides, although I won’t hide from you that I would like to play live as much as possible, as I feel extremely confident and in the last period I have managed to do many deep-runs.

What is your mental approach to poker? How do you handle pressure during a major tournament?

I just concentrate on playing every single hand optimally, without being influenced by any outside agent; so whatever tournament I play, I try to play my best poker period.

What has been your greatest success in poker so far? What about your biggest failure? How did you learn from your defeats?

I have made some very good placings in two live and several online but compared to what I play in recent years I would call them not “huge,” as for the failures instead, I can mention a few big online swings that led me to play badly for some periods, all of which was also conditioned by personal problems that I have now put behind me; this of course has been a lesson to me and I try to think only of playing my best and deal with everything the utmost professionalism.

When did you start playing poker? And when “seriously”?

I started playing poker with fake money even before I turned 18, just for the fun of it, after high school that I decided to devote an entire year to trying to do things seriously and devote myself full time to poker, in case of failure I would enroll in college, let’s say the test year went far beyond any expectations and here we are.

How long have you been a member of Top1Percent? Being part of this group in any way do you think has contributed, (as a player or as a person), in your journey to date?

I have been working as a coach for this school for three years now, talking to so many kids, teaching, comparing notes, and having met people who have become friends over time has definitely contributed to my growth if both fronts.

What is your advice for people who want to start playing poker?

Starting now is very hard compared to the past, so for those who want to start, the main advice I would give is to put your whole self into it, give it your all and take care of a lot of mental aspect, because beyond skills is a very important and too often underestimated part.


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