Giulio di Salvo raises the well-deserved pike


Giulio di Salvo wins CEP, PokerStars’ Campeonato España de Poker

Another trophy in Top1percent’s trophy case! Coach Giulio Di Salvo a couple of days ago got his hands on the pike of the CEP, PokerStars’ Campeonato España de Poker., finishing first in the Main Event.
The tournament in question was the biggest of the Iberian kermis, with €500 buy-in and 409 entries, including 48 ITMs. Julius thus won €27,500, the biggest slice of the nearly €173,000 total prize pool.
Let’s hear directly from Top1percent’s coach about this definitely satisfying marathon!

The interview with Giulio di Salvo

I would start with the assumption that when we win a tournament, whether live or online, surely the run has been on our side. Obviously when facing easier fields, everything becomes more comfortable to handle.
I started Day 2 with 28x after a very quiet Day 1; then partly because of good redraws, partly because of the run, it was an all-down day that had me closing second in the count for the 12 left on Day 3.
Day 3 got off to an uphill start after losing a couple of spots to the chipleader (who later ranner up in the tournament). Fortunately, one of my special features that has always been praised by colleagues is patience, so: deep breath, relax, and I continued my tournament in serenity.
The Final Table was very quiet, the chipleader was the only reg and he adopted the strategy of not giving me too much action and therefore not putting too much pressure on me, which would have made everything a bit more complicated.
In heads-up we start 2:1 for him, however, the more I looked at that pike in the middle of the table, the more I wanted to take it to Italy. Fortunately this was the case and I am very happy!

If you would like to review the Final Table just described by Giulio Di Salvo, below is the full-card replay!

By opening his profile on Hendon Mob, it is immediately apparent that this is the first win in a handful of tournaments played (but not the best result, as we will see shortly).
As he will now explain, Di Salvo is predominantly an online player who is beginning-and in the best way! – The transition to live poker.

I play a lot online and little live, however, the last ones I don’t mind. I think winning live gives you that sense of satisfaction that online certainly exists, but slightly less.
I happened to play and win big tournaments online, however, what live tournaments give you is a different feeling. A few years ago I lost HU at the San Marino IPO, last summer fifth at the Battle of Malta. I wanted to be able to win the first Live, and I finally succeeded. I hope it is the first among many!

The 30-year-old from Catania has been a poker pro and full-time coach for our poker school, where he helps many players grow and improve — and in parallel grows and improves in turn. Having teammates in Spain has been a valuable support, also because you never stop learning.

I am MTT Coach for Top1percent, a school I am proud to represent. Definitely, following one’s coauthors leads you to grow; I often use the hours spent taking classes as a means of study.
Also, I am of the opinion that any kind of player, regardless of his level or the ABI he plays, can teach you something or at least can give you insights.
In Spain I was with a fraternal friend, Marco Fontanella, whom many readers will recognize. Comparing myself with him on some of the spots definitely helped the positive progress of the tournament.

Finally the first victory has come, and quoting his words, “Let’s hope it’s the first among many!” When and where might the next one come? In other words, what are Giulio Di Salvo’s poker goals?

“Honestly, I’m not the kind of person who likes to set monetary goals. However, if I have to think of a poker goal, surely it’s to make a Deep Run in a Main Event, the kind that changes your life in every sense of the word. Definitely with commitment and dedication – and a little bit of craziness – it all comes.”

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