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In Texas Hold’em there are different versions of the game, from cash to tournaments via Sit&Go. Then there is that of quick matches, which is certainly one of the most coveted by players, both amateur and professional. Spin&Go, Twister and Velox are a “fast” game mode, a close relative of the Sit&Go version. It is relatively new, but it represents a steadily growing market and is highly valued by those in the industry: players and gambling houses. Eye-catching graphics, spinners, counters, video effects, all flashy elements, but, at the same time, a lot of substance with underlying strategy that rewards, in the long run, those willing to apply themselves and learn the optimal play of this variant. All without taking away space from the dream, perhaps “one-off“, of a rich prize obtained through a minimal investment, within the reach of anyone. In short, the ingredients, to be among the most popular poker modes of the future, are all there.
The first major difference is the network in which to play these games:

  • Spin&Go ‘s you can play them on Pokerstars
  • Twisters can be found in all rooms on the iPoker circuit
  • Velox games can be played on People’s Poker rooms



Pokerstars is undoubtedly the best known poker room in Italy and around the world and pioneered, with Spin&Go, this type of game.

On the red pike room you can find 3 different subcategories:

  • Spin&Go Hold’em
  • Spin&Go Flash
  • Spin&Go Max

Spin&Go Hold’em

They are the classic version. A counter starts at the beginning, and determines the prize to be awarded to the winner, which can be up to 1 million euros for 100- and 250-euro buy-in spins.

The average duration of a match is about 6 minutes.

The salient features are:

  • 3 players at the table
  • only the first place winner is awarded
  • 3-minute levels
  • initial stack 500 chips, or 25BB
  • Buy-in from €0.50 up to €250 with a chance to win up to 10,000 times the entry fee

Spin&Go Flash

They are very similar to Spin&Go Hold’em. Again, a spinner draws the final prize exactly as in Spin&Go Hold’em. However, there are also important differences with the previous variant in this variant, such as the duration of levels and the initial stack.

A game, on average, ends after about 3 minutes.

Key elements include:

  • 3 players at the table
  • prizes are awarded to the first and second place
  • 1-minute levels
  • initial stack 300 chips, or 15BB
  • Buy-in from €0.50 up to €250 with a chance to win an amount up to 10,000 times the entry fee

Spin&Go Max

Finally, here is the new entry, here things change and in some respects substantially. In Spin&Go Max some elements are introduced that make it, in some ways, truly innovative, such as, for example, the table that can vary from a minimum of 3 to a maximum of 8 players. In addition, before the game begins, counters appear on the screen, through which, the number of players who will sit and the prize are drawn. This last stage is the real novelty and is very interesting: 3 different spinners appear, each with a prize that can multiply up to 10,000 times the initial buy-in. These three prizes, will be drawn at the beginning of the game and will be made to reappear at the end, shuffled by a shuffle that obscures them. Having reached this point, the winner will be able to choose one of three shadow-spinners that, once clicked, will light up showing the prize that will be paid. Finally, another distinctive feature, is the hand counter before putting all players into all-in. A Triangle appears at the bottom right of the table with a number that will scale each hand played. Once the counter is reset, all players will be all-in for all subsequent hands until only the winner remains.

    Specific features

    A Sit&Go Max lasts about 8 minutes on average, significantly longer than previous versions.

    • 3 to 8 players at the table, number decided by a random counter at the beginning of the game
    • hands Left, a random number is drawn at the beginning that is scaled up hand by hand until all players are always all-in
    • the winner is awarded and, if at least 6 players are seated at the table, the runner-up is also paid
    • 3-minute levels
    • initial stack 500 chips, or 25BB
    • Buy-in from €1 up to €250 with a chance to win up to 10,000 times the entry fee
    • the winner will receive the prize by choosing from 3 spinners darkened and shuffled by a shuffle


      , a prominent network in the Italian poker scene, is in the market for fast Sit&Go games with Twisters. Twisters also have a counter that sets the prize before the game starts. Among the things to note is definitely the ante already from the first levels and the possibility, once in Heads up, to agree a deal with the opponent.

      However, let us see the features listed below:

      • 3-player table
      • ante from the 2nd level
      • speed of levels depends on initial buy-in, Twisters from higher buy-in are less fast
      • it is possible to win a Jackpot which, should it be drawn, is distributed to the three players based on a percentage relative to the final ranking (75% to 1st, 15% to 2nd, 10% to 3rd)
      • possibility of agreeing a deal with the opponent once they get to heads-up
      • the final prize can be up to a maximum of 1,000 times the initial buy-in
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      Finally, the Veloxes, the workhorse of the super-fast games atPeople’s Poker.  They are basically the equivalent of the classic version of Pokerstars’ Spin&Go and iPoker’s Twisters and have a few differences, but more in form than substance. The house offers both 3- and 6-player tables with an initial buy-in starting at 10cent up to a maximum of €50. Exactly as with Spin&Go and Twisters, a counter, before the game begins, determines the prize for the winner. On People’s the multiplier goes up to a maximum coefficient of 6,000, meaning that a player can win up to €300,000 by participating in a Velox with a buy-in of €50.

      Let’s look at the list of the main features of Veloxes:

      • 3-player table with buy-in from 10 cents up to a maximum of 50€ with multiplier that can reward up to 6,000 times the initial stake
      • Starting stack 500 chips, 25BB for buy-in of at least 1€, 10cent Veloxes have starting stack of 300 chips, 15BB
      • 6-player table with two buy-in formulas 50cent and 2.50€ respectively with multiplier up to 2,000 times the initial stake
      • 3 min. levels.
      • only the first place winner is awarded

      Summing up.

      Spin&Go, Twister and Velox are now a reality in the Italian poker ecosystem. They have all the necessary ingredients to establish themselves in the near future as well.

      They are, engaging and fun for amateur players, but at the same time they are a source of profit for professional players.

      Of the three, certainly Pokerstars’ Spin&Go offers a rich, graphically well-maintained book of excellent playability, a wide choice among different categories that satisfy even the most demanding players, and, not insignificantly, the field is busy enough to allow for constant and frequent starts.

      The Twisters, for their part, do not disfigure in terms of both graphics and traffic especially at the low levels even if, as an offering, they are a step below Spin&Go and, in addition, the multiplier at the 3-max tables is the lowest among the three gambling houses, with a potential payout of “only” 1,000 times the buy-in.

      Finally, the Veloxes, which, although they have a fair amount of traffic at the low buy-ins, leave something to be desired for some not-so-trivial things. In the registration phase, for example, they are not very intuitive. The graphics are rather outdated and the Velox 6-max tables hardly ever start, making the offering rather minimal compared to the competition.

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