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How to choose the best poker school

Continuous improvement is the secret of the model poker player. However, study is not always enough, solver and experience done independently.
The best way to grow, in almost every aspect of life, is to treasure the knowledge and experience of others, so that we do not have to-as they say-reinvent the wheel.
A poker school is a perfect choice for this purpose: neat and organized study material reviewed by professional coaches and players, ideal for following a path to the next level of our poker skills.

Criteria for choosing the right poker school for your needs

But how do you choose the best poker school? The answer is far from simple: there is no absolute best school; this decision depends on the needs and characteristics of the player.
For example, if you do not know English, we will not have to consider all those in the language of albion. Or if our level is drastically higher or lower than the course target, in one case we would learn nothing, in the other we would not understand much at all.
Let’s look together at some key criteria for choosing which poker school to enroll in

Discipline you want to follow

Not all poker schools provide courses for all poker disciplines and modes. Although many concepts apply to both variants, it will be better not to take a Texas Hold’Em course if we are players Omaha.
And even on a smaller scale, Texas Hold’Em has so many differences in approach to the game between MTT tournaments, cash games, spin and go and other modes.
Although there are all-around courses, the advice is to choose the discipline that interests us most and pursue that path, finding a school firmly grounded in that section.
A poker school may be renowned because of its MTT courses but not be the best for cash game and vice versa, so always inquire well!

Mental game

Does the chosen poker school also offer mental game courses?
This is a factor not to be underestimated, because a mastery of mindset is a differentiator between a successful and an average player.
We are not just talking about the simple tilt, but also about determination in grinding, the professional approach to the game, cultivating an A-Game through psychological and physical well-being, and the list goes on and on.

Group coaching or 1-to-1 coaching?

There are two ways to create the “classes” of a poker school, namely by providing group coaching or private lessons to the individual.

In the first case typically a small company of half a dozen students is formed, learning together from the coach’s lessons and a classmate’s reviews.

This mode has the advantage of being able to compare yourself with other players of your own level as well as with the coach, and discover a wide variety of common errors by following other players’ leak corrections.

The second case, on the other hand, is the direct coaching, with a teacher following one student at a time. Here the main advantage is that we will have all the coach’s attention focused on our game and our weaknesses, for more focused coaching.
There would also be the third option, that of video courses, which often provide very valuable and well-organized material, but lack the discussion with a coach to check that we understand everything well, quickly discover the main leaks, and be directed to the lessons most important to us.

Presence of video courses or video lectures that can be reviewed

On-field discussion with the coach is the key tool of a poker school, but the most voracious students will also want to do their homework!
Having video material of lectures conducted or explaining in detail the key topic of the day is very helpful in cementing the knowledge learned and refining our proficiency of the topic.

Are study materials provided?

Connected to the previous point, but not the same, if a poker school provides study materials it is always an advantage for the student to review and deepen concepts.
Starting with range tables, through tracking software statistics and custom HUDs, but also comprehensive texts explaining the concepts learned. All useful material, and something to keep in mind when looking for the right poker school for us.

Bankroll staking opportunities

Some poker schools even provide a bankroll with which to start playing with a staking arrangement, and that is no small advantage!
Upon enrollment in the poker school, the student’s competence will be assessed and he or she will be provided with a bankroll to play at a given level, under the directions of the coach.
This allows you to save or even freeroll the cost of schooling, and more importantly, to play at higher levels than you can afford with your finances, effectively skipping all the long climb of levels and catapulting yourself into the action that is his due.

Top1Percent Poker Scholarship

In addition, such an arrangement incentivizes the player to grind consistently, and gives a whole series of advantages that can be summed up in one sentence: one will no longer have to worry about the bankroll, but only about expressing one’s best poker.
For all the features listed, you will have to be the one to choose what is right for you. As far as staking-coaching is concerned, we want to point out to you that Top1percent is the leading school in Italy.

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