Our Team's achievements at the Battle of Malta 2023


From Barone to Mirabella, the Battle of Malta is a Top1% success.

At Battle Of Malta Top1%’s logo soars, thanks to the crazy successes of the school’s boys, starting with Dario Barone’s victory at the Main Event through numerous victories and achievements.
The Battle Of Malta is once again confirmed as one of the most important live poker events in Europe, especially for Italian players who make up the majority of the field, thousands of entries and respectable prize pools.
Let’s look at a recap of these seven days of great live poker on Maltese soil, starting with the flagship tournament, the €600 Main Event.

Main Event Battle Of Malta – Dario Barone Wins.

The event’s Main Event began on Thursday, June 1, and players had three €600 buy-in Day 1s available with stacks of 25,000 and 40-minute levels, in addition to the final Day 1D Turbo with 20′ levels, registering a total of 1,992 entries for a total prize pool that exceeded €1 million, divided among the top 299 players.

As expected, Italian flags abounded among the participants, and Top1% patches were also on display among the dozens of open tables.
With notable ITMs such as Alessio Isaia, Federico Petruzzelli, Alessandro Pichierri, Domenico Lando and many others, five Italian players made it to the Final Table, including as many as two from Top1%.

The Placement of Giulio

Giulio Di Salvo managed to place the flag on fifth place for €41,100, an excellent result that becomes the second best of his live career after the 2021 San Marino IPO runnerup.
Eliminating him was Junyu Liu, better known to online grinders as “X-Gambit83.” Julius shoves A-10o from BTN and Liu from BB pins J-J, for an easy call and a board that gives no help to our friend.
After Miguel Bolivar’s exit in fourth position we come to an all-blue podium, whose third step is occupied by Andrea Dominici.
The final heads up is left with “X-Gambit83” and our own Dario Barone who starts the heads up with a clear advantage with 32 million against Liu’s 18.

Dario Barone on his way to victory

An all downhill heads up, as the same Dario “Cifalino91” Barone:
“I won almost every spot. He would tell me he wasn’t hittin’ a card and I would take all the pots. Then the blinds increased and there was the final hand where I open J-J, he shoves direct 25bb with 6-6 and I go. He was never able to regain the lead, and that was in my opinion the key to my win. If he had been able to bring himself back up a little bit, maybe he would have gotten me in trouble.”
As typical in poker, a little good luck is needed in the midst of skill, and with the right combination of both Dario Barone managed to win the Battle Of Malta Main Event and secure the €156,000 first coin!
An emotionally indescribable first win: “Already on the turn I was crying, almost not breathing. Then when the river came down the guys from Top1% slaughtered me, took me in their arms…I didn’t get it. Then my best man also showed up on video call with my wife, and I re-cried with her.”

The Main Event Payout

1 Dario Barone €156,500
2 Junyu Liu €101,500
3 Andrea Dominici €69,890
4 Miguel Bolivar €53,800
5 Giulio Di Salvo €41,100
6 Andrea Agnoletto €31,590
7 Fabian Rolli €24,200
8 Victor Fryda €18,800

The Dark Night High Roller – According to Angelo Mirabella

Another splendid result to put in the trophy cabinet of our poker school is the one brought home by Angelo Mirabella at the €1,100 High Roller.
A tournament that drew 113 entries forming a €209,000 prize pool, 31 ITMs and some respectable names starting from Alessandro “Deneb93” Pichierri (27th) to French pro Johan Guilbert (11th).
At the final table-at least judging by the last names-the only Italian representative was Angelo Mirabella himself, who made a deep run that stopped only in second place.
For him a win of €29,670, while the trophy went into the hands of “Gytis Lazauninkas” who won €44,200.

comments on his runnerup this way, “I made it to the turbo flight, so my main thought was to aim for the high roller and, if it went off, probably the 5k.
I am quite happy to have placed this second, especially losing in HU to the strongest player I have met in this festival, Lithuanian Lazauninkas who plays abi 500 online and participates often in 25k live as well…
I hope to repeat myself in future events as live winnings are nowhere near as good as online winnings; they give you a mind-blowing emotional and confidence boost.”

The Dark Night High Roller Payout

1 Gytis Lazauninkas €44,200
2 Angelo Mirabella €29,760
3 Kalle Parkkinen €20,980
4 Daniel Zadok €17,010
5 Mateusz Asztemborski €13,460
6 Kostadin Mihaylov €10,220
7 Tsuf Saltsberg €7,460
8 Cory Desmond €5,450

Prestige Side Event – Victory for Federico Costantini

Over the course of these six days of great poker there were many excellent side events. One of these was the €250 Prestige, which attracted 238 entries to the tables to form a prize pool slightly under €50,000.
Of the 32 ITMs, the gold medal went around the neck of another one of ours, Federico Costantini who, after defeating Marek Pajak in the final heads-up, earned a €11,000 first prize.

1 Federico Costantini €11,000
2 Marek Pajak €4,480
3 Angelo Maiullari €4,000
4 Nicola Ciraolo €4,000
5 Francis Cordua €4,000
6 Christopher Edge €4,000
7 John Cipparano €4,000
8 Domenico Postorino €880

Numerous other ITMs

Between Barone, Costantini, Mirabella and Di Salvo, this Battle of Malta was a success for poker Italy and Top1%. In this article we have emphasized the major results, but numerous are the ITMs of our Team members, among others the aforementioned Domenico Lando and Nicolai D’antoni, as there have been many other prominent tournaments among the Casino Malta tables these days.
For example, the €200 Mystery Bounty that drew 430 entries won by Vikentios Fisentzou, the €400 IPC Turbo Deepstack with 225 participants (in which Tomasz Wrobel won €18,450), and many others with even five-figure first coins and prominent players from the Italian scene placing their flags.
An away success in every respect. And now, let’s aim for the next one!

Edoardo Accornero member of Top1Percent

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