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The bankroll is the most powerful weapon in the hand of any poker player–but it also has flaws.
Specifically, a poker player with a limited starting budget but far above-average skills will still have to spend a lot of time at lower limits than he or she deserves to be at, because he or she must first do all the necessary leveling up.
In addition, not knowing how to accurately manage your bankroll, not knowing the ideal amount to keep in your gambling account, can also cause some problems: if it is too low, you will greatly increase the “risk of ruin” (possibility of losing everything), if it is too high it will greatly slow down the climbing of levels and the player’s growth.
Let us not forget that, as much as poker is notoriously a game of patience, the opportunity to burn out is always to be taken now.

The problem: How a small bankroll affects a poker player’s career

Note: What we write below is not intended to indicate correct bankroll thresholds, but is for example purposes only

Let’s take the example of the same player, with exactly the same skills that allow him to win at NL50, on the one hand with a €200 bankroll at his disposal, on the other hand with €3,000.

The former will have to start grind all levels, starting with NL5, certainly with a good winrate. Let’s say 10bb/100, it would take him an average of 60,000 hands to get to NL10, from there with a slightly lower winrate he would have to play more than 90,000 hands to get to NL25, and finally over 110,000 hands to land at NL50.

We’re talking about 260,000 hands played at the microstakes tables, to earn 2,800 euros all earmarked for bankroll, just to get to play the level he really deserves.
If he had started with €3,000 and immediately at NL50, in the same period he would have won almost €6,000 and plausibly already leveled up at NL100 winning perhaps a little more.

Other factors to consider: playing at a higher level would undoubtedly have placed him in more difficult conditions, and he would plausibly have put more effort into study and improvement, finding frequent spots complicated to analyze. Plus-as pointed out at the beginning-if he had been aware of how to manage the bankroll optimally, he probably would have climbed the levels even faster.
All this talk only served to emphasize: for a winning player, aiming high as soon as possible is nothing but an advantage.

Unfortunately, not all players have enough start-up capital at their disposal, and sometimes unexpected expenses or the like can further delay the climb.
How can you have a bankroll adequate to your abilities then?

The solution: a free poker bankroll, with coaching attached!

Top1percent answers exactly this problem. The need to have a tailored bankroll in order to maximize one’s results and growth is solved with the free stak-coaching offered by the poker school.
Stak-coaching is the product of staking and coaching. “Staking” refers precisely to the practice of funding a poker player’s bankroll to enable him to play higher levels than he can afford. “Coaching,” as you might imagine, is instead an instructional support, a teacher who analyzes your game and helps you correct mistakes and improve.
In other words, Top1percent gives you free capital with which to play poker at the level that suits you, and in the meantime helps you grow and perfect your skills so that you can increase your winnings and eventually become an independent player.
When a player applies for free stak-coaching, he or she will be interviewed by the coaches of the Top1percent school, who will assess in this interview his or her preparation … and his or her seriousness, willingness to put himself or herself out there and determination to improve.
Having done so, the coaches will determine the appropriate level of play for the player in question and provide the ideal bankroll, with directions on how to manage it. At that point, the player will only have to think about grind and study, improve his game and follow the coaches’ guidelines, starting a new chapter in his growth path.

How can it be free!!!

The word “free,” unfortunately, pricks the ears these days: either there is a catch somewhere, or the quality of service is bad.

Let us preempt these doubts by answering them right away: the fact that it is free does not mean that there is not a benefit for the poker school as well, which simply consists of a share of the players’ winnings.

This is also a guarantee of seriousness and commitment on the part of the school, which as you can imagine has every interest in making you grow and improve, and avoid losses as much as possible.

Top1percent’s coaches are trained players and teachers, but it must be made clear that for the same reasons a high dose of commitment, seriousness and discipline is required of the student. We provide free staking and coaching; the player must provide his or her determination and desire to grow as a winning player.


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