Edoardo Accornero member of Top1Percent


Edward Accornero:

20k in a poker tournament with 10€ buy-in.

Also today we want to tell you about a pleasant success story of one of the members of Top1Percent, a story that, although it may seem similar to others and at times ordinary, is actually able to bring out details of definite interest to both the neophyte and the more established professional.

Let’s start right away with the event that made us decide to write this article, a young school member Top1PercentAcademy ben wins 20000€ placing second in a tournament by qualifying with only 10€, and so far each of you with respect to your bias will have exclaimed a series of epithets ranging from min***a, what the (bleep), stoc***o, and so on, (sorry for the censorship, but I think you can understand), actually there is much more.

Who is Edward a member of Top1PercentAcademy?

Edoardo Accornero 23-year-old business and finance student, next graduated in May, in mid-December he joins Top1Percent, he shows right away that he is serious about following slavishly the teachings given to him by the Team, and above all, demonstrates deep passion for the study and seriousness in the commitment made until achieving the above exploit at the end of February.

The Pathway in Top1PercentAcademy.

Now, imagine talking to Edward the day after winning, what you would expect is to discuss crucial hands, how well he handled certain situations in spite of opponents etc…, actually the first item that comes up is a thank you for his coaches and the Team in general, of how crucial they were in studying the late stage, of how the work done in mindset revolutionized his approach to the Tilt, quote
“my coach opened up a world to me that I didn’t know.”
Edoardo Accornero member of Top1Percent

The combination that helps you tap your potential

Here we do not want to focus on specific hands, happenings, or technical analysis of the tournament, we simply want to emphasize thehumility and maturity of this guy, and I hope you don’t begrudge us, how much, albeit in limited time, work done in a certain way, ad personam, can give such an important boost to a poker player. Certainly it is that Edward as we have had the opportunity to say is a guy with an uncommon seriousness, dedication to work and learning, on the other hand he is an example of how much a technical mental and experiential input on a person like him can get “an extra gear” into gear in a much shorter time than the standard.

Keep up the good work, see you again soon!

We want to wish Edward the best of luck on his upcoming graduation, and also want to let him know that we take for granted the dream you told us about, to one day line up at the WSOP, will come true soon and we should be talking about you again!

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